Camembert  _______________________________________________


The basic camembert cheese is produced in the traditional French style, where the cheese ripens from the outside, leaving a  gorgeous creamy texture when fully ripened. By adding extra cream to the recipe, Chris produces double cream camembert, a cheese with a very smooth texture. Currently Longbush offers the following camembert products: -

• Camembert 125g

   Brie ___________________________________________________

The basic brie cheese that the Longbush produces has a nutty flavour with a soft creamy texture. Based on this successful recipe, Carol and Rick have developed a blue brie by introducing Penicillium roqueforti bacterium into brie cheeses using a tool with numerous spikes: -

• Brie 125g


• Blue Brie 125g

Feta  ___________________________________________________

Cheese maker, Chris Duncan, describes the feta as “a traditional Greek-style feta, with fresh milky flavours highlighted by a soft crumbly texture and salty flavour”. The feta is made with cow's milk and Longbush offers innovative variations, along with the more traditional: -

• Traditional Feta 200g