The latest innovation from Carol Thorpe is a so, creamy brie number wearing a rich brown coat of Manuka ash. The Manuka leaf imparts a spicy flavour, which hints at it's antibacterial properties but is a perfect marriage to the creamy interior. Manuka is sourced from the surrounding East Coast bushland and the leaf ash is hand pounded to a superfine flecked powder. The ash is unique in that it has the appearance of fine fibres giving this cheese a genuinely craed, velvet textured rind. Each cheese is individually coated and wrapped by hand. Choose to eat this cheese as close to possible to it's "best before" date which is a good guide for eating the cheese at it's best - it will be fully ripened, subtle to touch and divinely sensuous. Waimata Manuka was awarded a gold medal in this years NZ Cheese Awards 2000, new cheese category.

Cheese Lover's Cheese
At the 1999 New Zealand Cheese Awards, cheesemakers, Carol and Rick Thorpe of Waimata Cheese Company were again honoured for their commitment to quality specialty cheese making. Waimata Farmhouse Blue, a consistent gold medal winner at previous awards was chosen by food lover and TV personality Jo Seagar, as that years Cheese Lover's Cheese.

This rustic blue vein is characterised by it's buttery smooth texture and rich, complex aromatic tang. Serve this with dried muscatel grapes,

fresh pear and country style bread. A honeyed sticky such as Millton Mistelle July Muscat - perfect with it's sweet floral tones, is a heavenly match (or indulge in their Noble Chenin Blanc - for notes of pears and honeysuckle). Note: The Millton label is stocked at Glengarry's stores.

Waimata sings the Blues The cheese making team at Gisborne's Waimata Cheese Company have recently developed a Gorgonzola style blue cheese to compliment their award winning range. This achieved a silver medal for new or experimental cheese at the 1999 Awards and is currently marketed under the Delmaine range.

In 1998, Waimata Cheese were winners of 3 Gold medals at the NZ Cheese Awards:

The Best Original NZ Cheese with Waimata Arani, a salmon coloured washed rind, pungent, yeasty smelly socks cheese with a rich savoury flavour

Waimata Farmhouse Blue took top honours for the Best Blue Cheese

Best Semi-So Cheese was Waimata Taepo a subtle, mushroomy, runny cheese with green grass notes covered in Chardonnay vine ash

Keep your eye out for these in your local supermarket or be persistent and keep asking for them!

Waimata ash
Waimata Manuka ash
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Waimata Mozzarella balls are a new addition to our cheese range and only available for sale at our local farmers market, or online. Our Mozzarella balls are ourstretched by hand to ensure we get the internal texture just right with a nice smooth skin. Yum.


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