Waimata and Longbush Fine Cheeses

Waimata Cheese Company is an artisan cheese producer owned and operated by Carol and Richard Thorpe of Gisborne. The company specialises in blue and white moulded soft cheeses, haloumi and feta made from cows’ milk. A portion of the milk required by Waimata Cheese Company is supplied fresh daily by Waimata Dairy Limited, which is also owned and operated by the Thorpes. The cheeses are hand-crafted using traditional techniques and Waimata Cheese Company is proud to be approved by the New Zealand Vegetarian Society to carry their trademark for all their cheeses due to the use of a vegetable-based coagulant rather than traditional calf rennet.

Waimata Cheese Company boasts numerous awards for their traditional cheeses as well as their unique products, the Taepo and Manuka Bries and believes that their cheese reflects the passion they feel for the fine art of cheese making.